Electricity workers and consumers must unite to oppose proposed Time-of-Day tariff and smart meters


Letter by a reader of AIFAP


Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the article on the time-of-day (ToD) tariff and the introduction of smart meter. It is important to understand the potential consequences of this change. This is being sold as a benefit to consumers and utilities. The reality is this increases challenges for workers, and toilers.

This scheme only benefits capitalists. This is supposed to encourage consumers to manage their electricity consumption more efficiently. But for the majority the reality is quite different. Most working people leave their homes in ‘the sun hours’ i.e., at low-cost time. They return to their homes during the high-cost time. There is no alternative for the workers.

The statement by the Union Power Minister about consumers planning their consumption during solar hours contradicts the daily routines of the working people. It makes no sense to penalize consumers for using electricity when they need it most. Especially at night when lights, fans and gadget charging are essential to daily life.

Electricity, in the modern era, is as basic a need as food, shelter and clothing. It should not be used for profit but should be made available to everyone at affordable prices. The government must fulfil its duty to provide affordable electricity. This should not contribute to the financial burden of its citizens.

Also, the cost of the installation of smart meters will be borne by the public. It is important that consumers and workers unite and oppose the ToD Tariff and smart meters.

It is essential for workers from all backgrounds to come together and oppose this amendment collectively. Our long-term goal should be the betterment of our country, where the working class, in alliance with the peasantry, ensures the fulfilment of society’s growing needs, rather than serving the insatiable greed of the capitalists.




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