Greek state workers strike against government labour law plans


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


On 21 September, workers throughout the Greek public sector held a one-day strike to protest the Bill proposing changes in labour law. The Bill attacks working conditions and severely undermines the right to strike.

The bill would legalise working days of up to 13 hours and a six-day week and legalise working a part-time job on top of full-time employment. It also criminalises picketing, with a six-month jail sentence and fines of at least 5,000 euros for using “physical or psychological violence” to prevent strikebreaking.

The one-day nationwide strike was called by Greece’s largest public sector union ADEDY, which represents about 5 lakh workers.

“We demand the bill’s withdrawal,” said ADEDY. It is an assault on workers’ rights and would create “barbaric” conditions, said workers.






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