Loco pilots of East Central Railway protest against installation of CVVRS in loco cabin


Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent’s report


Indian Railways has directed to install Crew Voice and Video Recording System (CVVRS) in 5,000 railway engines across the country. CVVRS is a system that will keep video recording of all activities including the voice of the loco pilot and assistant loco pilot while the engine is stationary or moving.

According to Railways, its purpose is to keep an eye on loco pilots to reduce accidents.

But, the All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA), an organization of loco pilots, has opposed it. AK Raut, general secretary, AILRSA, East Central Railway, in a letter to the Executive Director, Railway Board, has termed the decision as a breach of privacy and confidentiality of the crew. The driver and co-driver will always be under stress due to the system. This will not help in reducing accidents.

The Indian Railways’ view that accidents and accidents occur mainly due to the negligence of the loco pilot is wrong. It wants to hide the fact that its policies are responsible for the accidents and blame the railway workers. Otherwise, what is the purpose of video recording any worker every minute while they are working? In any accident, the greatest danger is to the life of the loco pilot. Will he cause an accident on purpose?

Loco pilots have been demanding for years to fill the vacant posts so that their working hours can be limited as per rules. Nowadays, 12 to 14 hours of duty for loco pilots has become a common thing. The maintenance of the tracks is being done by contract workers. No attention is being paid to timely renewal of tracks. Hundreds of signal failures are reported every month. Instead of paying attention to all this, she blames the railway workers after every accident. It is clearly visible that railway safety is not a priority for the Indian Railways administration.

Indian Railways needs to change its perspective of looking railways as a business for making profits. It is an essential basic service for the people of the country which it is the responsibility of the government to provide safely and comfortably at an affordable price.



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