Haryana Roadways employees conduct a signature campaign and plan a strike to oppose its privatisation


Report kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent

The employees of the Haryana Roadways have decided to intensify their fight against the latest attempt to privatise public road transport services. They are angry at the government’s plan to grant unlimited private bus permits on as many as 265 routes.

The opposition of employees and support of people of Haryana had forced the government to give up earlier attempts of privatisation.

All the unions representing Haryana Roadways have come together to establish a unified platform, Haryana Roadways Workers’ Joint Front [Sanjha Morcha] to oppose the latest move to privatise.

The Sanjha Morcha conducted a two-day signature campaign at bus stops across the state on 26 & 27October. Approximately 5 lakh signatures were gathered, underscoring the widespread opposition to the government’s privatisation policies.

The general secretary of the Haryana Roadways Workers’ Union and leader of the Sanjha Morcha said, “The government should immediately withdraw the proposed private bus permit policy and implement the demands accepted by the Transport Minister on March 10 and June 23. This includes resolving all types of salary disparities for operators, drivers, clerks, and workshop employees. It also entails reinstating the old pension scheme, providing risk allowances, dissolving the Skill Development Corporation, promoting Group D employees outside the common cadre, confirming the appointments of all employees hired between 1992 and 2004 from their appointment dates into the old pension scheme, and confirming all types of contract employees, including the 52 helpers hired for drivers and Dadri Depot in 2016.”

The Sanjha Morcha leaders have declared that if their demands are not met, Haryana Roadways employees from across the state will stage a demonstration at the chief minister’s residence on November 26, 2023 and observe a one-day strike on 28 December.

The government’s plan to hand over the affordable, and secure government transport services to private players is neither in the interest of people nor of the employees.



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