Workers of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works protest against privatization of Indian Railways

Report by CLW Labour Union


Today, the workers of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) protested in front of Chittaranjan Railway Station against the anti-labour policies, especially against the privatization of the Indian Railways.

They started a long bike rally from Area 04 and ended the same in front of the Chittaranjan Railway Station by covering Area 05, Hospital Colony etc.

CITU has called for this movement against privatization and National Pension Scheme all over India in front of major railway stations and the members of CLW Labour Union took active part in this movement.

President of the Labour Union, R S Chouhan, presided over the meeting. He said that privatization of railways is equal to the selling of this nation. So, the fight against the privatization is not only the concern of railway employees but also the concern of all people of India. General Secretary, Rajib Gupta said that privatization of railways will destroy the economic system depending on every railway station. All small vendors, rickshaw drivers, auto drivers will become jobless and will be replaced by corporates after privatization of railway stations, he said. Executive member Imtiaz Khan also spoke against privatisation of railways.

Ex. MP and CITU State Secretariat Member Bansogopal Chowdhury talked about the anti-labour policies of the Government and described how they are selling all the properties of nationalised sectors of India.

A group of representatives of workers submitted a memorandum in demands of stopping privatization of CLW and ICF along with that of the Indian Railways, scrapping NPS, restoring OPS, filling all vacancies of CLW giving priority to local youths, providing salary to contractual workers as per the Government fixed rate, etc.





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