Agricultural workers demand: People’s railways should not be sold!


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) Correspondent


Agricultural workers in Maharashtra are rising up against the privatization of Indian Railways. On 14 August, on the call of Shetmazoor Union Kisan Sabha (CITU), workers will gather in Jalna, Maharashtra, to oppose the sale of railway assets and contractualization of railway services. They are correctly pointing out that the Indian railways has been built using people’s money and hence cannot be sold by anybody to private companies under any excuse. They are also demanding adequate appointment of railway workers at rural stations.

For agricultural workers and other members of the working class, railway—employer of lakhs and lifeline of crores—is the only affordable mode of transport for work, education, health and other needs. But, privatization and contractualization in Indian Railways are increasing every day. Already, increased fares have become a big burden on all the workers who use railway daily for commuting to work.

Access to affordable, safe and widely connected public transport is one of our fundamental needs. The safety of this mode of transport can be ensured only when workers are provided with secure and stable working conditions. It is necessary that workers, passengers, students and conscious citizens unitedly fight to protect and strengthen Indian Railways!

It is indeed a good initiative by agriculture workers that they are raising their voice to oppose privatisation of Indian Railways.



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