24-point demand letter of the S&T Employees Union, which plays an important role in the operation of the Indian Railways, in the absence of basic facilities!


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


Along with the train running on the track, many pillars are often left out of our sight. You all must have seen the play of colors sometimes green and sometimes red on these pillars. The train driver has to concentrate and control the train speed by looking at these signals that appear at very short distances. Actually, the train driver stays inside and drives the train but the fast speed to the train is given by the green signals only. It is maintained by the hard work of employees from the Signal and Telecom Department. In this way, along with the train drivers and track maintainers, the employees of the Signal and Telecom (S&T) Department also have an important role in rail operations.

Despite playing an important role in rail operations, S&T sector employees are deprived of basic facilities. These shortcomings are directly related to their skill development, and the safety of passengers and employees. There is no provision for training the newly appointed assistants in this important department of Railways, while in other departments there is a provision for at least 15 days training for Group D employees. This is very surprising and also shameful. Why initial training is not being given to the Group D staff of S&T Department, directly related to safety and security after the new appointment?

We keep getting news of train accidents every day. Lack of safety equipment has also been one of the main reasons for this. Non-availability of safety jacket, safety shoes, winter jacket, raincoat, torch at the right time is also a factor in accidents. Apart from this, the technician also needs to be provided with the best tools including clamp meter to perform the work. The question of promotion of assistants is also a matter of concern. Technician assistants in any division of Northern Railway are not being promoted under the 25 percent LDCE (limited departmental competitive examination).

The employees of the S&T Department are becoming victims of this negligence. This is not only a risk for their security, but the railway passengers also may become a victim of the result of this neglect. All the demands raised by Indian Railway S&T Mazdoor Union (IRSTMU) are justified. All railway workers and toiling people should strongly support them.



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