SCRMU raises the issues of shortage of staff in various categories and some of the unsafe practices and harassment of staff in a few categories

Report of Dr. Ch Sankar Rao, General secretary, South Central Railway Mazdoor Union (SCRMU) about his meeting with the General Manager

Today I met Respected GM sir and discussed the following issues:

1. I demanded that counselling of Running staff families at residences should be stopped immediately.

2. Inadequate strength of Loco Inspectors strength in SCR is causing heavy workload on supervisors.

3. Non-creation of Trackmen posts for 3rd line and non-creation of posts for additional work is causing safety hazard.

4. Harassment of Ticket checking staff who could not reach high ticket checking targets fixed.

5. Making booking staff to come out of counters to counsel passengers to use mobile App for general tickets.

6. Air condition of TTEs Rest Houses.

7. 8-hours duty should be ensured at C class gates in view of heavy train traffic and increase of road traffic.

8. Train Managers review has been pending for the last 3 years.

9. Shortage of signal staff.

10. Two patrol men for night patrolling may be ensured.

11. Sending single AC Mechanic by trains without khalasis helper should be stopped.

GM sir assured me to do it.

Dr Ch Sankara Rao

GS SCRMU & Treasurer AIRF

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