Consequences of privatized electricity in Mumbai


Statement by All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF)


Electricity is privatized in Mumbai. Tata and Adani are two big companies involved in electricity supply in Mumbai. In the tariff proposal filed on 29 January, Tata has increased the tariff for extremely poor consumers consuming up to 100 units to ₹7.37 per unit from the existing ₹3.74 per unit and to poor consumers consuming 101 units to 300 units, it has been proposed to increase the price from Rs. 5.89 per unit to Rs. 9.31 per unit. It is very important to understand this.

There is complete privatization of electricity in Mumbai and the citizens of Mumbai get the most expensive electricity in the country. Putting such a huge burden on consumers who consume up to 100 units makes it clear that the sole objective of the private company is to earn profits and it has nothing to do with the sufferings of the general public or the need of electricity for development.






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