Take inspiration from successful struggle of insurance employees in 1974 against partial lockout by LIC management


Message by Com. Shreekant Mishra, General Secretary, All India Insurance Employees Association (AIIEA)

9th January 2024 is the Golden Jubilee of AIIEA ‘s historic struggle against the partial lockout of six divisions by the LIC management at the behest of the then government. It was on this day in the year 1974 that Delhi, Madras, Bangalore and Patna Divisional Offices and Machine Department of Dharwad Division were locked out. Subsequently, Meerut Divisional Office and the entire Divisional Office of Dharwad were also locked out.

The idea was to crush the employees’ movement under the banner of AIIEA and deny the legitimate demand of a decent wage revision.

Large numbers of employees, leaders and cadres were punished on absolutely fabricated charges. But the AIIEA stood firm and waged a valiant struggle. The indefinite strike launched by employees of the locked out divisions and work-to-rule by employees all over the country braving all odds ultimately brought victory.

The wage revision was clinched, punishment of the employees was undone and a glorious chapter was written in the illustrious history of the AIIEA.

We convey Revolutionary Greetings to all our members on this historic day. Our Red Salute to all our seniors who participated in this glorious struggle and gave a new direction to the organisation through their dedication, commitment, sacrifice and unflinching determination. Let’s take a pledge to draw inspiration from this glorious struggle of the AIIEA and work unitedly to further strengthen the organisation and face the challenges of the present times head-on with courage of conviction.

Revolutionary Greetings………

Shreekant Mishra

General Secretary

All India Insurance Employees Association (AIIEA)



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