Railway loco pilots organized a Family Safety Meeting on 12 February at Daund Branch of Solapur Division to pay tribute to Motorman Muralidhar Sharma and AILRSA President Com. MN Prasad


Report of Com Pintu Roy, Solapur Divisional Secretary of AILRSA


A family safety meeting was organized at Daund branch of Solapur division on 12 February 2024 paying tribute to motorman late Mr. Muralidhar Sharma and Com. MN Prasadji, in which central representative Com. RK Rana, Divisional Secretary Pintu Roy, Divisional President SJ Nigade were present.

The running staff and their families present in the safety meeting presented many complaints to the union, highlighting several problems: making the running staff work for excessive hours, not getting rest on time, unnecessary and arbitrary cuts in salaries and allowances, not getting leave and excessive workload due to unfilled vacancies, operating unsafe trains under administrative pressure, operating trains for more than the prescribed distance, poor arrangements for food and rest in the running room, lack of basic facilities for women employees, etc. Due to these problems, not only is the safety of railway operations at risk, but the lives of the public and employees are also at risk.

After this, while interacting with the employees, the speakers presented their views and provided guidance to everyone.

Com. Rana informed everyone about important rules related to work and advised the running staff to remain mentally stress free in the face of excessive pressure from the administration, which is forcing employees to die by suicide. He also requested employees’ families to provide extra support by creating a good atmosphere at home.

Divisional President Com. SJ Nigade advised all running staff to follow work rules with commitment and suggested that they resist the pressure of the administration to do illegal and unsafe work.

Divisional Secretary Com. Pintu Roy discussed the need for the union and assured that employees’ jobs will be secure. He motivated everyone to undertake efforts to organize the working class to fight against the wrong policies of the administration and assured that a protest and agitation will be planned against administrative policies very soon.





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