Convention of Indian Railway loco pilots held in Delhi


Report of Mazdoor Ekta Committee (MEC) correspondent

On February 28, 2024, the convention of All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) was held in Delhi. Hundreds of representatives AILRSA came from every corner of the country and attended the convention with their family.

It is worth remembering that to present their demands to the government the railway drivers’ organization, AILRSA had sought permission from the police to demonstrate at Jantar Mantar. The police refused permission, citing Section 144 in force. In such a situation, the railway drivers who came from every corner of the country had to hold their program in a hall.

This convention took place at a time when AILRSA General Secretary and Founder Member Comrade M.N. Prasad passed away recently. Everyone stood and remained silent for two minutes and paid homage to him. Many members and supporters of AILRSA, including Comrade K.C. James offered floral tribute to Comrade M.N Prasad. Along with this, Comrade Hemlata from CITU, Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra from All India Railwaymen’s Federation, Shri Subhash Chand from Northern Railway Mazdoor Union and Comrade Santosh Kumar from Mazdoor Ekta Committee and others also offered flower garlands.

The convention was addressed by several leaders of railway loco pilots and representatives of various labor organizations.

The speakers raised the problems of the railway drivers and told about the militant struggles being carried out by the railway drivers.

Speakers said that the working class is asked to stay away from politics. They should not talk politics. It is not right to talk politically. Workers should fight only for their demands. This is the propaganda of the bourgeoisie through which they want to disarm us. Be it the demand for OPS or privatization of government institutions, railway recruitment, inflation or unemployment – if we want to understand and solve any issue, we will have to become politicians of our class.

The speakers said that every worker of the country should become a politician of his class. Working class should do politics, only then they can compete with the capitalists. The capitalist class is ruling the country. They run their rule through their favorite parties. Changing parties will do no good to the working class. We have to continue our struggle.

The main demands raised by the railway loco pilots are:

  • Ensure crew returns to head quarter within 36 hours.
  • H.P.C. according to the committee, limit the duty of the running staff to 8 hours. • Provide tool box, FSD, toilet and AC cab in the engine itself.
  • According to H.O.E.R., immediately implement the weekly rest of 29 hours.
  • Ensure head quarter rest of 16 hours.
  • Cancel N.P.S. and restore the old pension.
  • Limit night duty of running staff to two nights.
  • Establish the Eighth Pay Commission immediately.
  • Fill all the vacant posts of loco running staff immediately.



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