RCF Mazdoor Union strongly opposes the Central Government’s gradual handing over of government assets to private players

Report received from Rail Coach Factory Mazdoor Union, Kapurthala

On the call of the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen, the week from 13 to 18 September is being observed all over the country as a week of protest against the anti-worker policies of the government. As a part of this campaign, Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Mazdoor Union Kapurthala is protesting in various ways. Many banners and posters were put up on 13 September, and since 14 September, union representatives have been visiting various departments to register their protest against the anti-worker actions of the central government. On 16 September, RCF Mazdoor Union organized a rally at the factory gate in which union delegates and workers participated.

Under the leadership of retired RCF Kapurthala officer and member of the local senior citizen forum Shri J. S. Virk, other senior comrades also participated in this demonstration. The gate meeting was first addressed by President Abhishek Singh who strongly condemned the anti-worker decisions being taken by the central government. Later, Mazdoor Union General Secretary Comrade Ram Ratan Singh addressed the meeting. He said that the ongoing privatisation of railway stations, trains and production units will threaten workers’ jobs because the government is constantly terminating government posts, which is creating an employment crisis for the youth. Government assets are being sold to some big capitalists for no more than a few pennies. The dearness allowances and facilities available to the workers are being attacked every day.

The meeting was also addressed by Comrade Veer Prakash Panchal, SSE, K. S. Punia, SSE and Joint General Secretary Pritam Singh. During the campaign, some new workers decided to join the union; the decision has been welcomed by the Mazdoor Union. Similar programmes will be organized in the upcoming days of the protest week.

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