Unity of electrical engineers of Jammu & Kashmir forces Power Department to relent to their demands


Messages from All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) and Jammu &Kashmir Electrical Engineering Graduates Association (JKEEGA)

Message from AIPEF


About a week ago, the Power Development Department in Jammu and Kashmir had arbitrarily suspended first the engineers and then the subordinate employees on a large scale in the name of revenue realisation. The Engineers of Jammu and Kashmir under the aegis of JKEEGA resolved to oppose unilateral and unjust action strongly.

All the engineers from Jammu to Kashmir valley showed UNITY. Despite the Election Commission’s code of conduct, they gave notice of mass casual leave on 30th June without caring about it. Applications for mass leave started reaching the headquarters on a large scale. The result was that there was a long discussion with the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir and the Principal Secretary of Power Development Department.

On March 28, charge sheets were given to all the suspended people so that the suspension cases could be closed expeditiously and on March 29, despite the Good Friday holiday, offices were opened and the Power Development Department decided an objective policy regarding revenue realisation. A committee has been formed to do this so that this can be done in future. There should be no arbitrary suspension in such a case. The committee has to submit its report in 15 days.

AIPEF continuously monitored the entire sequence of events, maintained constant contact with the engineers of Jammu and Kashmir, President and General Secretary of JKEEGA, provided them proper guidance and alerted Govt by writing a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. Under the current circumstances, a spectacular culmination of the entire incident is taking place.

Revolutionary congratulations to JKEEGA under dynamic leadership of Er. Sachin Tickoo & Er. Hidayatullah Pirzada for their display of steely unity.

Inquilab Zindabad



Message from JKEEGA

JKEEGA under the able leadership of Er Shailendra Dubey ji, Chairman AIPEF has once again been able to steer the fraternity in this crisis and a committee has been mandated to arrive at reasonable assessment of losses based on infrastructure available and future improvements. For the first time a system is being put in place to ensure that the categorisation of 11Kv feeders and their infrastructure audit shall be done to arrive at reasonability of loss trajectory.

Congratulations to you all for having been able to set a foundation stone for a system which shall be equitable and just. Pl go through the terms of reference of the committee (enclosed). It is historic.

We thank AIPEF constituents for having stood by us in thick and thin.

Sachin Tickoo, President
Pirzada Hidayatullah, General secretary




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