A Loco Pilot of Indian Railways charge-sheeted for following safety norm!


Charge-sheet withdrawn only after the protest by AILRSA

Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent

The Indian Railways does not seem to care for safety of its employees. Many instances of running staff being asked to ignore safety norms for train operations are coming to light. AIFAP has already reported how the violation of safety norms for running of goods train led to roll down of an unmanned goods train at Kathua station. However, the blame was put on running staff and they were dismissed from service even without given an opportunity to put forward their side. Now a report has come to light that a loco pilot in Southern Railway was given a charge-sheet because he followed the safety norm despite being instructed to violate it.

The failure of engine of a goods train had blocked the railway line of Southern Railway. A relief engine was arranged to move the stuck-up train. For this purpose, the loco pilot was given instruction to cross red signal and move into the blocked section, as per the Railway Rules for such situations. The rule also stipulates that the speed should not exceed 15 km per hour when moving into a blocked section of railway line but the loco pilot was instructed to go at speed at 50 kmph. However, the loco pilot followed the safety rule of speed of 15 kmph but was issued a charge-sheet on some flimsy ground.

The charge-sheet was withdrawn only after the All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) took up the case and pointed out how the instruction was against the Safety Rules of the Indian Railways. (AILRSA letter attached)

Upload.AILRSA-South Zone letter



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