ICF rail coach factory workers held badge wearing struggle for their demands


Report by ICF United Workers’ Union (CITU)


ICF United Workers’ Union (CITU) organised badge wearing struggle on April 12, 2024 for their demands:

  1. Against surrender of 213 Grade D Posts
  2. Against not filling up the 2300 vacancies of Grade D & C (Workshop Assistants, Artisans, Junior Engineers, Senior Section Engineer)
  3. Arrange to give Technician work and ensure that those promoted recently get Technician Incentive.
  4. Bearing in mind the very hot summer provide sufficient fan and Water Cooler.
  5. Provide sufficient New Welding Plants and ensure proper maintenance of welding plants.
  6. Supply quality Welding Electrodes and CO2 welding Coil.
  7. Implement the demands which are accepted in the 1/4/24 JAC -PCME, PCPO MEETING.

1500 DEMANDS CARDS were distributed among the workers in the SHELL Division of ICF.



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