AILRSA call for One day Morning to Evening TOKEN HUNGER FAST on 21.9.21

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Privatisation and Leasing out of railway assets

The major share of monetization is proposed on Railways worth 1.5 lakh crores by transferring 400 stations, 90 passenger trains, 1400 km of Railway track, Konkan Railway as a whole (741 km), 4 hill Railways, 265 goods sheds, 673 2 km of commissioned track of DFC, 15 Railway stadiums, selected Railway colonies, OHE and signalling system to the private operators. Monetization means handing over the assets for a specified period of time to own, develop, fix the rate of service and collect the fees and return the assets to Govt. at the end of the contract. The proposed monetization is stated as a pilot project and the same will be extended further. In a nutshell, the monetization project is nothing but handing over of entire Govt assets to the private operators and thereby withdrawal of Govt. from all sections. The prime victim of such a decision is that it will put an end to the security of jobs enshrined in articles 309, 310 & 311 of the Constitution. Segregation of Railways into hundreds of pieces and entrusting the ownership and management to different firms or individuals will spoil the entire system adversely affecting the further development of Railways, escalated fares and closing down of services in non-profitable areas. We urge the Govt. of India to abandon the proposal as a whole.

AILRSA call for One day Morning to Evening TOKEN HUNGER FAST on 21.9.21


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