Women Loco Pilots of Southern Railways (SR) explain why they are participating in the agitation “Avail your Rights”

By Anjana, Sr. Assistant Loco Pilot /Erode Junction, Tamil Nadu


It is a battle to prepare myself to become a part of the struggle put forward by AILRSA to get my rights from me who thought that this is all there is to my work and mourned myself only by seeing WhatsApp statuses of relatives and friends’ weddings and other celebrations and gatherings. Since the day we joined the railways, the administration, which only taught us our duties and responsibilities, why didn’t we tell us about our rights? If we are aware of the same, we know that we will not be enslaved in the framework they have made, we know that we will not allow the rich to rule, and we know that they cannot insult us when we go for leave and other needs.

I wanted to live like everyone else with family and friends in peace and health. I am ready to face all the psychological and financial consequences of making a PR claim because this is a war for me and a war for us. First PR Claim in Erode Lobby. I don’t want to do what Lady Parivesha did, I just continued in the footsteps of those who walked before me.

I have a strong conviction that I have before me the organization that works to achieve rights that no one else can achieve. Tomorrow is a day that will make all the 4 demands that we have made possible.


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