AILRSA Southern Railway plans massive demonstration on June 14


Message to Divisional Secretaries of Southern Railway AILRSA

Kind attention to all Divisional Secretaries, Southern Railway AILRSA

  • Continue the agitation of availing rights
  • Conduct massive demonstration at all branches on 10/06/24, the 10th day of our agitation.
  • Zonal committee will give letter to all railway trade unions seeking support for our agitation.
  • Massive demonstration to be carried out before DRM offices on 14/06/24. In that programme we have to invite all trade unions.
  • If it is not possible to conduct in front of DRM office, it is to be conducted at a centralised place in the Division.
  • Divisional committees to meet Railway trade unions in person to explain about our demands and ensure their participation and support.

Southern Railway AILRSA



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