AILRSA South Zone intensifies efforts to get their grievances addressed and all penal actions withdrawn


Message from Zonal Secretary of All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) South Zone

Dear Comrades,

Our agitation got spread to all Zonal Railways and solidarity actions took place at every Zone.

All sister unions, NFIR, DREU, DRKS, AlSMA, All India Traffic Controllers Association, AIRTU supported our movement and sent representation to the Ministry. A full delegate of BMS met Hon’ble Railway Minister and represented the issue. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala and Labour Minister wrote a letter to Hon’ble Railway Minister.

The media also gave full coverage of our agitation and made the public aware of our plight.

We had approached NFIR, AIRF & BMS and members of parliament including Hon’ Lok Saba opposition leader for an appointment around 21st June 2024 to represent our grievances.

On 27.6. 24 a delegate of Hon’ MPs led by John Britas MP met the Railway Minister and discussed our grievances.

Hon’ble Railway Minister gave a patient hearing and responded positively. Hon’ble Minister gave assurance that the grievances of the running staff especially the PR issue will be settled soon and assured that all penal actions will be neutralised.

Honouring the words of Hon’ble Minister, after a detailed discussion in the Zonal meeting we decided to keep our agitation in abeyance from 28.6.2024.

The decision of the Zonal committee has been communicated to Hon’ble Minister, Hon’ble GM/SR, and all DRM of SR.

Thereafter our leaders represented to the GM and all DRMs of SR that the penal actions of around 395 chargesheets and 35 transfers may please be settled. The GM as well as all DRM responded positively. We hope that the penal actions will be settled soon.

We directed all those who have issued with a charge memo to submit an explanation. There are some cases that have been disposed ex-parte with a penalty of one stage reduction in pay for 3 years – in TVC division 3 cases, in MAS 1 case, in PGT 22 cases. We advised them to give an appeal to the ADRM. We hope that this may also get settled.

There are transfers within the division. All are directed to submit representation.

There are also 4 inter-division transfers, 1 at PGT Div., 3 at TVC div. All these cases are under the consideration of CAT/ERS.

On 2nd July our delegates got a call from Shri Rahul Gandhi team that Shri Rahul Gandhi wants to meet loco pilots on 5th July; time and location will be decided by him on that day. A team of our delegates under the leadership of Com. Ramsaran, Com A.K Raut, Com. Kumaresan , Com. Patham Singh and Com. C.S. Kishore met him at NDLS station on 5th July 2024. Shri Rahul Gandhi wanted to know about our job and patiently heard the voice of loco pilots. Shri Rahul Gandhi assured us that he will take up our issues with the Hon’ble Minister of Railways.

Hectic efforts are going on from our side to neutralise all penal actions. I hope we will succeed in this effort.

Our agitation to achieve our demands is only kept under abeyance. Let us give some time to the Railway to resolve our grievances. Keep faith in AILRSA.

We will win at last.

Baburajan U
Zonal Secretary SZ
Dt: 06.07.2024



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