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Dear Editor,

It deeply bothers me as the citizen of this country as to what the future of our generation and the coming generations are going to look like with this mad drive of the government to privatise every public sector. Even today, the majority of us are struggling to find employment with decent pay to help us sustain ourselves and our families in this current system. The toiling masses are made to work in inhuman conditions with no rights. On one hand, the government is privatising every public sector service and on other hand, the wages of people are ridiculously getting lower and lower every day.

In this present system, the state has made sure that there is always a reserve of the unemployed ready to work at any given time in whatever conditions the capitalist class of this country deems fit to maximise its profit. My heart aches for those who die every day in this system so that the handful few can make profits. It angers me to see that majority of the people have to struggle every single day for two square meals even after 74 years of independence.

Governments after governments have implemented the agenda of monopoly houses like Tata, Birlas and Ambanis after getting elected and coming to power. The central government shamelessly continues to sell whichever companies the big capitalists want to acquire, in the name of disinvestment. It does not matter if the state-owned company and its assets are sold in one shot or bit by bit to private players, the end result is the transfer of ownership by the state, into the hands of the private company. The current economic orientation of this system will only serve a handful of the people.

I have been going through the articles posted on AIFAP and I salute all the workers from various PSUs fighting day in day out against the privatisation of these sectors. It is extremely important not only for the public sector workers to understand the issues of the workers from the other sectors and fight together but is also important for the consumers to come together and put up a fight because an attack on one is an attack on all!!

The present system needs to be replaced by a system where the working class is in power. In such a system the economy will be reoriented to fulfil the needs of the toiling masses and the profits will be utilised in the upliftment of the society as a whole.


Vapi, Gujarat

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Sanjeewani Jain
Sanjeewani Jain
2 years ago

Very nice letter. The author has indeed raised important points about the future of our country and the fact the governments of various parties have worked in the same direction of enriching the monopolies at the cost of common people. She has very pertinently questioned the system itself which deprives working people, the masses of any say in how the country is run. All of us are thoroughly disempowered! The last part, about the orientation of the economy is very valid and it would be nice if it could be elaborated. Yours sincerely, Sanjeewani Jain, Vice President, Lok Raj Sangathan

2 years ago

The economy should be reoriented under the rule of the working class in such a way that the means of production is in the hands of the masses and the profits are used for the upliftment of the toiling masses and not the handful of the monopoly houses.