Stop change in service conditions of ordnance factory workers after corporatisation – letter to the Defence Minister

Letter by CPI MP, Binoy Viswam to Defence Minister asks him to ensure that service conditions of ordnance factory workers are not altered as they are government employees consequent to corporatisation of ordnance factories.

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Hemant Joshi
Hemant Joshi
2 years ago

It is indeed deplorable that the defence sector employees rights are being attacked. It is a signal and wake up call for employees of other public sector enterprises which have not been privatised or corporatised. Many leaders of such employees blindly believe in assurances given by various government officials and ministers, and advise their members to refrain from militant opposition to privatization. They advise their members that even if corporatisation happens, their working conditions will be protected. But experience of Defence sector employees have once again proven that ” working people cannot rely on ministers and government officials”….”Their sweet words are always a trap”……” They give false promises to cool down the militant spirit of workers”
We can not forget that in last twenty years, 5 defence ministers , including past defence minister of BJP lead government,have given in writing that government will not corporatise defence sector. But the government has gone ahead in spite of more than 99% defence employees have given their vote against corporatisation.
No ! Their promises are not worth the paper on which they are written !! We can never let our guard down based on such promises ….And if we remain complacent, then we would be digging our own grave.