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2 years ago

One can finally see the result of the struggle of the farmers from all over the nation today. It is their united efforts that have made the current government change its policy. I congratulate all the farmers for the same and express my heartfelt condolences to the families of the farmers who lost their lives in this struggle.

It is very clear from the above letter that there are many more just demands which are yet to be fulfilled by the government. Our previous experiences have taught us a lesson that the government at times agrees to fulfil the demands only to calm down the protesters and once the “situation diffuses” according to them, they go ahead with their initial plans.

One must not forget that in the current system, the government will fulfil the agenda of the capitalist class by any means necessary. Changing this system and bringing the rule of the hard-working toiling majority is the only solution and we all need to unite and work towards this common goal.