Get Ready for the Battle to Defeat the Anti-Worker Labour Codes! – Appeal of the National Vice President of CITU, Dr. D L Karad on the occasion of Vijay Din

Report received from Com. Trilok Singh, AITUC

In the backdrop of the successful struggle of the farmers that forced the government to repeal the three anti-farmer farm laws, Vijay Din was celebrated by the CITU workers’ organisation in Khutwad Nagar. On this occasion, the victory of the movement of the farmers and the people was celebrated by distributing laddus on behalf of CITU and bursting firecrackers. Dr. D L Karad was talking on this occasion.

The Indian farmers won a battle on the borders of Delhi that was historic on a world scale. The proud and arrogant PM Modi was forced to repeal the three laws by a peaceful agitation. The farmers temporarily suspended their agitation only after winning their demands like withdrawal of all cases against the agitators, compensation to the martyrs and other demands.
Dr. D L Karad congratulated the leaders of farmers for being victorious in this long-drawn and revolutionary agitation.

The agitation against the three farm laws was consistently supported by all the workers’ organisations including CITU and they actively participated in it. That is why Dr. Karad congratulated the working class as well.

As in the case of the anti-farmer farm laws, the Modi government also repealed 29 old labour laws during the pandemic and pushed the working class into slavery by getting the 4 anti-worker Labour Codes approved. At the same time, the Modi government has implemented the policy of selling all public sector industries by privatising them. Railway, insurance, banks, LIC and oil companies are all being sold to big corporate houses. Al workers’ organisations are unitedly fighting against this.
In the Farmer-Workers Mahapanchyayat held on 28 November in Mumbai, national leaders of farmers expressed their support to the demands of the workers.

Dr. Karad appealed that in order to succeed in the fight against the harmful policy of the government a strong unity should be built and we should be prepared for the fight.
On this occasion, the introductory words were by the District Secretary of CITU, Com. Sitaram Thombre. Along with Santosh Kakade, Tukaram Sonje, Nivrutti Kedar and other office bearers, the working class participated in large numbers in the programme to celebrate Vijay Din.

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Vimla M
Vimla M
2 years ago

The peasant struggle has been a great example to all the toiling people around the world. But this is not the end. As long as the capitalist class is in power new anti people policies will continue to be brought out. The situation of workers and peasants is horrible.
In order to put an end to our misery we need to establish a worker peasant State that will be accountable to us.
Only a united struggle between the workers and peasants can guarantee a bright future to all💪🏽