All India Nabard Bank Employees Association asks its members to demonstrate on 16 December in support of bank strike


To All Office Bearers/CEC Members/ Unit Secretaries, AinbeaDear Comrades,

Solidarity demonstration during lunch hour on 16 December 2021 in Nabard in support of Nationwide Bank Strike

You are aware United Forum of Bank Unions( UFBU) has given a call for two days of a nationwide strike on 16 and 17 December 2021 for strengthening PSU Banks and against the proposed privatisation of Banks, Banking Law( Amendment) Bill, 2021 that is likely to be moved in the Parliament. This will pave the way for the privatisation of PSU Banks that will be disastrous for the future of poor and ordinary citizens of the country with no security of their hard-earned savings/ deposits. This will also spell disaster for the future of Indian Agriculture, Small and Medium industries which employ huge no of people. This whole anti-people attempt will push back Indian Banking to a pre-1969 position when the Indian Economy and especially agriculture suffered badly for want of loans from private sector banks. This move, if it materialises, in tune with anti-people labour law amendments and outright selling of public assets in the name National Monetisation Pipeline( NMP), will eventually affect all PSU institutions including Nabard. Hence, it is in our interest that we should extend total solidarity to our brethren in banks. The just victorious Farmers movement has taught all of us a lesson that if we remain united, and carry on the relentless struggle for the just cause, there is no force on Earth that can stop the working people to kiss the line of victory.

Hence, we call upon all our colleagues and members to participate in the lunch hour demo at all centres of Nabard on 16 December 2021 in support of a nationwide bank strike. You are also requested to participate in preparatory programmes in support of such strikes all over India in unison with our striking comrades in Banks.

With warm fighting greetings,

Comradely Yours,
Rana Mitra
General Secretary
Ainbea, Camp: Kolkata
10 December 2021

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