Sale of one more PSU initiated

Report by KEC correspondent

The central government has invited Expression of Interest for the complete sale of Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL). The PDIL has played a crucial role in design and engineering of fertilizer plants in India. The country’s food production depends on the availability of adequate fertilizer in the country. It is a Mini Ratna public sector company and yet is being sold!



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Subroto Das
Subroto Das
2 years ago

Projects and Development(PDIL) is a research and development organisation, around 40 years old. It grew up at Sindri Fertilizer Corporation, at that time in the state of Bihar, as an offshoot of the Fertiliser Factory there. It grew up from nothing and became a national organisation. Many scientists and Engineers worked very hard on various issues of setting up new Fertlizer plants. Instead of further modernising it, it is sad that Govt wants to sell the golden work done by the scientists to private capitalists. PDIL also manufactures catalysts today for fertiliser and chemical plants and selling off will mean an end to self reliance in the field of catalysts and fertiliser manufacturing technology