Rally of Bank Workers at Azad Maidan, Mumbai on 16 December, the first day of strike against privatisation of public sector banks



On 16th December 2021, from 10.30 AM onwards bank workers from different banks started pouring into Azad Maidan, Mumbai. They were militantly shouting slogans condemning the proposal to privatise public sector banks. The Convenor of the United Forum of Bank Unions, Maharashtra State, Com. Devidas Tuljapurkar, presided over the meeting. The meeting was conducted by Com. Nandkumar Chavan, President, Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation. The speakers who were called on stage and expressed their support to the strike of the bank workers included Com. Nayak from BEFI, Shri Bhai Jagtap, President INTUC, Mumbai, Com, Nilesh Pawar from AIBOC, Shri P Sainath, Journalist & Founding Editor People’s Archives for Rural India, Shri Lalit Suvarna, Chairman General Insurance All India Employees Association ( GIAIEA), , Shri P.Sainath, Well known People’s Journalist, Shri Avinash Dound Maharashtra State Government Employees Union, Dr. A. Mathew, All India Forum Against Privatisation(AIFAP), Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Convenor, Trade Union Joint Action Committee Maharashtra, Shri Milind Ranade, General Secretary, Mumbai Municipal Corporation Contract Workers Union, and Com. Krushna Bhoyar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation, Com. Ishwar Puthran from INBEF, Com. Devidas Menon of AIBOA, Shri Yogesh Sikha from INBOC, Com. Milind Nadkarni of NCBE. The meeting ended with the united resolve that we will not allow privatisation of Public Sector Banks.
AIFAP members actively participated in the rally and the AIFAP booklet, “Why Monetisation, Corporatisation & Privatisation Are Harmful for You” was warmly received by hundreds of bank employees.



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