The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has declared that it is ready to take to the streets against privatisation of PSUs


Report by KEC correspondent


The BMS has planned to warn the government that if it doesn’t go back on its privatisation policy, it will oppose it, if need be, on the streets. It has planned a meeting of its 44 mahasanghas in Hyderabad on 4 January 2022. It has decided to write to the PM that the privatisation policy is against the interests of the workers, and that is why the BMS is totally against it.

Shri Vinay Kumar Sinha, General Secretary of BMS, has said that the view of their organisation is clear and that we want to save public sector undertakings (PSUs). He said BMS is against privatisation of any kind.

It will demonstrate its opposition to the privatisation policy before the two-day country-wide strike called by the other ten major workers’ federations and unions to oppose the attacks on the working class like price rise, privatisation, the new labour codes, etc.



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2 years ago

Then why didn’t you participate in December strike that was also against the privatisation?

Venkataramaiah Padyala
Venkataramaiah Padyala
2 years ago

It’s only to devide the working class. Banking TU movement experienced many a time. BMS affiliates even though members of UFBU opted out of bank strike stating that it is a political strike. So they were to devide bank strike.