JFTU-PSGICs succeeds in making the management accept their demand for enhanced family pension


Message by Com. Trilok Singh, Convener, JFTU PSGICs Northern Zone

Dated 10-01-202

Dear Comrades/Friends

We are pleased to inform you that after continuous follow up of JFTU, GIPSA Governing board has sent the recommendations for Uniform Family Pension @30% and Enhanced Family Pension up to the age of 67 years to Finance Ministry. The recommendation for the Final option to former TAC Employees for joining the Pension Scheme1995 has also been approved by GIPSA Governing Board and will sent to Finance ministry at the earliest.

JFTU will try level best to pursue the issue of LPA Employees in line with TAC Employees with GIPSA Governing Board and DFS. We hope for necessary action on the above also very soon.

We congratulate you for carrying a sustained and long struggle to meet out our legitimate demands.

Comrades, in today’s critical situation strong movement and effective political intervention is needed against this Authoritarian Govt. which is working against the Public Sectors and maligning their image and is bent upon to sell these National Assets.

We appeal the entire leadership of JFTU to meet the prominent M.P.s and Political Personalities of all Political Parties seeking their support and effective intervention on the issue of our long pending Wage Revision and other issues confronting the industry.

Comrades, JFTU is in constant touch with DFS and GIPSA Management on the issue of wage revision and other pending issues.

We are confident that with our collective Wisdom, United Efforts, Utmost Faith and Determination we will come out victorious

Comradely yours

Trilok Singh


JFTU PSGICs Northern Zone.



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