Let us forget our category, department and work together to save the Indian Railways and the Nation


Message from Sankara Rao Chodavarapu, Treasurer, All India Railwaymen Federation (AIRF) to its members


Dear Comrades of AIRF and its Affiliated Unions,

OUR GOALS in 2022

As Loyal Members of our great organisation AIRF and its affiliates, we should work hard to safeguard the labour force in this Country and Indian Railways from Privatisation, Outsourcing and Monetisation onslaughts thrown by this NDA Govt.

We should save our country and its crores of poor population who use Railways daily for their travelling needs.

Daily 2.2 crore poor people are travelling by trains at cheap rates and also getting one billion metric tonnes essential commodities transported at the cheap rates to their homes.

It is definitely possible to save labour force from exploitation and save the Railways from Privatisation if we put up a united fight with sincerity, hard work with available resources of our AIRF and its Affiliated Unions.

Honesty and integrity is our strength and we should build our AIRF and make it strong as a mighty organisation to lead all struggles and protect the rights and privileges of the crores of workers which were achieved by our great labour leaders through various struggles and AIRF Leaders who with their struggles and sacrifices in various strikes against British and Indian Govt. after independence in 1960, 1968 and 1974.

This Govt. amended 29 Labour laws and brought 4 Labour Codes withdrawing all safeguards built in the laws through our struggles and withdrawn safeguards to suit their industrial friends.

Let us forget our category, department and work together to save the Indian Railways and the Nation.

Let us forget our political affinity with political parties and join hand to hand to protect our rights and privileges.

I know we all are capable of it and will definitely achieve this goal.


Sankara Rao Chodavarapu
Treasurer AIRF



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