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Sanjeewani Jain
Sanjeewani Jain
2 years ago

Dear Editor,
This is a very important letter that you have published. AIRTU has raised a life and death issue for the lakhs of track maintainers in our country. It is really shocking that track maintainers are run over and lose their lives even though this can be easily prevented. Om further inquiring I found out that HUNDREDS of track maintainers are run over every year – more than two on an average day, and this has been happening for decades irrespective of the government in power.
It is very evident that lives of workers are not of the slightest concern to authorities, who boast every day about how great India is.

Track maintainers perform back breaking work day after day to ensure the safety of us, the passengers as well as of the engine drivers, guards and others whose jobs involve train travel.
I hope the other federations, unions and associations in the Indian Railways and even other organisations too will raise the issue of safety on rail tracks in the spirit “An Attack on One is an Attack on All!”
Yours sincerely, Sanjeewani