Privatization and contracting in underground mines of Singareni Collieries are responsible for injuries and deaths of employees


Report received from Com. A Venu Madhav, Vice President, Singareni Retired Employees Association


On behalf of Singareni Retired Employees Association, Hyderabad Branch, we extend our deepest condolences to the families of Area Safety Officer Jayaraj, Assistant Manager Tej Chaitanya and Contract Employee Tota Srikanth, who died in an accident involving at Peddapalli District, Adriyal Coal Mine on Monday 7-3-2022. Condolences to their souls.

Ten workers died in the year 2020 and 12 employees in 2021; nearly 3,000 employees were injured. Accidents like this are happening due to privatization and contracting in underground mines. The Singareni management cares about production only but does not care about the lives of the workers. Accidents like this are a blemish on humanity in a highly technologically advanced company.

The Singareni Retired Employees Association, Hyderabad Branch President Dandamraju Ramachandra Rao, Vice-president A.Venu Madhav, Secretary B.Banesh, Adivisor T. Umakar, Treasurer M.Vijaya Babu participated in this programme.



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