Call by All India Loco Running Staff Association, Waltair Division (AILRSA/WAT) to loco drivers to show support to the Nationwide strike by wearing Protest Badges on 28-29 March

Call by A. Bholanath, Divisional Secretary, AILRSA/WAT


Eleven Central Trade Unions have given call of 2-days Nationwide Strike against the 4 Labour codes, Privatisation & Corporatisation, Contractorisation, Anti-Working class policies. and thus

As per the decision of Secretary General/AILRSA, AILRSA/WAT will be wearing the Protest Badge on 28th and 29th March 2022.

Hence, all Running Staff are requested to wear the Protest Badge while on duty on 28th & 29th March 2022. The Running Staff of DYD, SCMN & VSKP who are available at head quarters should please join the Rally Program from DRM/WAT Office to GVMC/VSKP/Gandhi Statue Organised by CTU on 29.03.2022 from 09.30 hours onwards.

Please Wear the Protest Badge positively while on duty and join the Rally Program to Show Running Staff Anguish against the Anti-Workers, Anti-People and Anti-Nation policies.

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