Many Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra express their support to the strike of the Electricity Workers!


Report by KEC Correspondent

We are extremely delighted to report that many Gram Panchayats in Maharashtra have supported the strike of the electricity workers. Here we give a translation of one such letter from the original in Marathi.


Open Support

The privatisation of electricity distribution will cause suffering to the people and to the farmers. If privatisation occurs in the future, there will be no assistance available from any of the state schemes and the grant given to agricultural pumps will also stop. Those who are getting subsidy today, whether for domestic use or agricultural pumps will have to pay an average of 4-5 times the present rates. If prices rise, all the citizens will be in trouble. That is why the Mahavitaran, Mahapareshan and Mahanirmiti companies which belong to the consumers today should stay that way. The Gram Panchayat of Taluka Eklahare, District Nashik, supports the strike of the officers and workers.


Taluka Eklahare,
Disrict Nashik




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