Workers and People’s Organisations in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra participated in the two-day National General Strike


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


The Bhiwandi Jan Sangharsh Samiti organised a successful meeting in front of the Pranth office on 29th March. The meeting was attended by members of CITU, AITUC, Lok Raj Sangathan, Lalbauta Powerloom Sangathana, ST Workers union, Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi and MPJ.

All the speakers expressed support to the strike and the demands raised by Central Trade Unions like removal of four anti-worker Labour Codes, revival of the old pension scheme, stop privatisation of any public sector enterprise, etc. and said that they will gather many more times if the demands of the people are not met. The prices of fuel and daily necessities were rising sky high whereas the workers’ wages were not rising.

The sectors like powerloom which is one of the main industries in Bhiwandi is facing severe crisis as costs of inputs have gone up. Many powerloom industries are not running and the workers are suffering because of this. The same is true with other workers who receive very low wages like the ST workers who are on strike for the last 5 months.

They also spoke on to need to change of this present system which is favouring the handful of rich corporates and called on people to struggle for a better society, by nominating people from the masses to ruling position so that the toilers are in control of the decision making.

The AIFAP booklet, “Why Monetisation, Corporatisation and Privatisation are Harmful for YOU!” was widely distributed.

The demonstration ended by shouting militant slogans and handing over of the demands to the authorities.



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