Pensioners in Tamil Nadu demonstrated solidarity in large numbers during the All India strike and courted arrest in many places


Congratulatory message from Com. K Ragavendran, General Secretary, All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association (AIPRPA)


Two Days Strike is rehearsal only!

The national strike for two days by the working class is a tremendous success. At the call of Central TUs and independent Federations & Associations the workers and employees of Central, State Governments and Public Sector organizations as well as in private sector went on the strike in most of the places. In those minor areas where the workers felt no need to join the nationwide strike, indeed, their consciousness level was less. Their practical experience will teach them proper lessons in future.

The community of pensioners for the first time played an important solidarity role because of the organizational growth amongst them. The consciousness that a perfect unity between the employees and retired alone can defend the retirement rights is also increasing. Almost all over the nation, the pensioners stood with the striking employees. In States like Tamil Nadu, the organizational growth of pensioners is coupled with their understanding level. This was evident when in many centres the pensioners courted arrest by joining the picketing at the call of Central TUs and Independent Unions. (See Box) CHQ congratulates all comrades of pensioners in general and those of AIPRPA in particular for their effective understanding of the developing situation.

Greetings and congratulations to all who organized the strike and who showed full solidarity! But let us understand that this is only a rehearsal. Real victory will follow only after a consistent battle akin to the recent peasants struggle and the dogged firmness shown by the peasantry till their victory!


Coimbatore AIPRPA Comrades courted arrest with the GS AIPRPA & COC leaders!

Many pensioners got arrested for their participation in picketing in front of Coimbatore collectorate at the call of Central TUs and independent Federations and Trade Unions including NCCPA & COC of Pensioners Associations Tamilnadu Circle.

Comrades K.Ragavendran, GS AIPRPA; D.Sivaraju, District Secretary Coimbatore AIPRPA, R.Karunakaran, Asst. Secretary AIPRPA, S.Arunachalam, AIPRPA CBE, T.S.Venkatachalam, Asst. Secretary AIPRPA and many other leaders courted arrest. COC leaders Kudiyarasu, Asst Secy AIBDPA, Comrade Madan, District Secretary Tamilnadu Govt Pensioners Assn. and other leaders and pensioners of central, state govt and PSU pensioners Assns. joined in the forefront of picketing and got arrested in support of two days strike by Indian workers.

Many women comrades of Anganwadi also courted arrest along with pensioners at Coimbatore. AIPRPA and AIBDPA as well as NCCPA and COC comrades courted arrest in many districts of Tamil Nadu.



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