Call to Singareni Collieries retired employees to unite for their demands


By Shri A Venu Madhav, Vice President, Singareni Retired Employees Association Hyderabad


History tells us that we have worked hard and made sacrifices to make the company profitable. When we were in service, we worked in various trade unions and chanted “Unite the workers of the world”. Today it is difficult to live with health problems on inadequate pension after retirement. So today we are calling for “Retired Employees Unite” to achieve the rights and facilities we want. So there is a need for all of us to wage united struggles beyond politics for the following demands:

  1. Amend the Coal Mines Pension Scheme 1998 and pay the minimum pension of Rs 15,000.
  2. Contributory Post Retirement Medicare Scheme (CPRMSSE) cards pay unlimited instead of the medical expenses limit of Rs 8 lakh.
  3. A special medical unit should be set up for outpatient medicine for retired employees residing in Hyderabad and surrounding areas.
  4. Retired employees in each area of Singareni should be accommodated in the Company Guest House.
  5. Delay in payment of Reimbursement Bills should be avoided for those treated through CPRMS card.
  6. Vacant quarters in various areas should be given to retired employees.
  7. Retired employees who do not own a house should be given a double bedroom house in the vicinity of Hyderabad.
  8. Recognize the sacrifices of retired employees and pay a certain percentage of the profits to the retired employees as part of the profits paid by the company each year to the employees in service.
  9. Provide medical facility through CPRMS card to retired employees who have established permanent residence in other States.
  10. The old age pension announced by the Telangana State Government should be applied to Singareni retired employees.
  11. Concessions should be given when traveling in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation buses.
  12. An old age home should be built in the city of Hyderabad for Singareni retired employees.
  13. Those who are receiving pension in any national bank should be insured as an in-service employee as well as a retired employee as well as his wife should be covered by the insurance facility.
  14. Coal cess, CSR, DMF, funds should be spent for the welfare of retired employees.
  15. A fund should be set up for the Singareni Retired Employees’ Scheme for Singareni Retired Employees.



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