Government once again encourages private telecom operators over BSNL


Report received from Com. G. Hinge, Circle Secretary, Maharashtra, BSNLEU



At present, there are three private telecom operators and one government sector operator. All three private operators have foreign stake and all three use foreign equipment. In contrast, the government has 100% stake in BSNL, and BSNL is using indigenous equipment in 4G and promoting the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign and emphasising on Swadeshi.

However, it is surprising that the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) has given a connectivity program of approximately 13,000 crores to private operators, who have foreign equity and foreign equipment, to set up sites in border areas or LWE areas where security is a major factor.

Why did the USOF favour some private operator and did not give any work to BSNL? We have the right to at least know the reason for this. Such action of the USOF must be investigated.



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