A new decree of the Central Government


By Shri Shailendra Dubey, Chairman, All India Power Engineers Federation



Barring the four strategic sectors, all public sector companies will be sold to the private sector. This decision was taken in February 2021.

Now it has been decided that no other public sector will be able to buy the public sector companies that will be sold. Only the private sector can buy public sector companies.

Jai Ho – Aatm Nirbhar Bharat

Note by KEC correspondent:

  1. When the central government wanted to disinvest HPCL, it forced the ONGC, another PSE, to buy it even though ONGC did not want to. Likewise, Power Finance Corporation (PSE) was asked to buy another PSE, Rural Electrification Corporation (REC).
  2. Several state governments have asked the permission to participate in bids for strategic disinvestment of central PSEs located in their state. Recently Kerala government showed interest in taking over HLL Lifecare Limited, located in Thiruvananthapuram.



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