Statement by South Central Railway Catering Helpers and Workers Union
Anwar Hussian, President; Raju, General Secretary


Not only the workers but also the common peoples’ rights, self-respect are achieved through continuous struggles. May Day which the workers are celebrating had a vast history. Earlier unions were demanding 8 hours work per day and agitating for 3 years, earlier to May 1, 1886. The owners of Industries had not accepted their demand. Lastly the workers organized a big demonstration on 1st May 1886 at Chicago. More than 25000 workers have organized a ‘bandh’. The industries and shops were closed. The workers were participating in the strike with revolutionary spirit. On 3rd May Government police opened fire. 6 workers were killed. The workers organized a meeting on May 4th against the police firing. The meeting was disturbed by the police by throwing bombs in the meeting. The workers with conscious spirit fought against the police brutality. In this struggle 7 workers and 4 policemen had died. To continue struggle for 8 hours work the Socialist leaders who attended in the 2nd International in 1889 passed a resolution declaring May 1 as International Workers’ Day. Since then the workers in the world are celebrating May Day with revolutionary spirit.

The Chicago struggle for 8 hours of work per day continues to lighten the hearts of the workers for their rights. Workers are fighting for their rights. Now the workers have to struggle not only for their economic demands but also to change the entire system. In India the working class must also struggle for social change.

Some workers, leaders and activists are working against working class spirit and following anti-working class trends. Further some leaders have become arrogant, authoritarian and fraudulent with their money and caste power for their self-interest. These leaders are betraying the workers, the trade unions and the Nation. The damage they have done is not insignificant.

The dynamic working class must work against these leaders and in the spirit of May Day struggle. We must protect Trade Unions, Government industries and work for our Nation. Now the Government is privatising all the Government sector. Railway is also going for privatization. Total catering is under privatisation. Catering work is being run on Contract system. If the workers asked for justice, they will not be allowed to work and would be discontinued. The rates are high, the passengers are also suffering due to higher rates and quality. Contractors, political leaders and some officials have made the system corrupt. And they are doing damage to the Nation.

Working class achieved labour laws through their struggles. Labour Laws Amendment Bill is brought in undermining the laws achieved through struggles of Workers. Agricultural laws were brought against the farmers. Farmers had been in movement for more than a year at Delhi. Nearly 700 farmers died in the struggle. Finally, the Government withdrew its proposal on agriculture.

For every problem- worker, farmers, women, students, youth, dalits, minorities, girijans, unemployed youth have to prepare struggle and continue struggle. This has been going for decades. Why is this situation? Parliament and assemblies have become millionaires’ clubs. This must be changed. Workers must be in the Parliament and assemblies. Politicians who distribute money, liquor, gifts, and their parties must be defeated. In every nook and corner May Day should be celebrated. With May Day spirit workers have to come to power.

Workers of World unite. Nothing will be lost except chains.
Red salutes to Martyrs.
Privatisation of Public sector, Industries should be stopped.
Stop privatization of Railways.
Closed industries should be opened.
Unlawful laws like UAPA should be repealed.
The people, parties who distribute money, liquor and gifts must perish.
Complete literacy is to be achieved.
Liquor should be banned.
Education, Health should be run by Government.
Reservations should be implemented in Private sector.
Problems of farmers and tenant farmers should be solved.
Eliminate social and economic inequalities.

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