AILRSA 25th WAT divisional and VSKP Branch Silver Jubilee BGM was held successfully on the May Day at Visakhapatnam


Report by Com. A.Bholanath, Divisional Secretary, AILRSA/WAT


AILRSA 25th Waltair (WAT) divisional and Visakhapatnam (VSKP) Branch Silver Jubilee BGM was held successfully on 1st May, the May Day at Visakhapatnam, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Bhavan, NH-5 Road, Marripalem. In the BGM Com. M.N.Prasad, Secretary General/AILRSA & Com. N.B.Dutta, Working President/AILRSA attended; Com. M.Kameswari President INCEU(CITU) & Com. S.Jyotiswar Rao Convenor/Central Government Co-Ordination Committee (CITU) and other leaders joined the BGM and gave their fraternal message. More than 500 Running Staff joined the BGM and made it grand success. The manch was named after Loco Running Warriors who lost their lives during Covid-19 and the B.B.S.Chandra Nagar, named after Ex. Divisional President/WAT.

  1. The AILRSA Flag was hoisted by Com. S.C.Panigrahi, Divisional President/WAT.
  2. A song for martyrs column was sung by CITU Cultural Team.
  3. Martyrs column was honoured with flowers by all leaders and delegates.
  4. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar was honoured with garland by Com. M.N.Prasad.
  5. A welcome song was sung by the Cultural team of CITU.
  6. I invited the leaders on the dias and welcomed them with bouquets.
  7. The meeting was presided by Com. S.C.Panigrahi & Com. B.Chakraborty
  8. Condolence was observed for one minute.
  9. Reception Committee Chairman Com. Jyotiswar Rao addressed the gathering and welcome the delegates and leaders.
  10. Inaugural speech was given by Com. S.K.Choube General Secretary/ E.Co.Railway.
  11. Com. P.N.Murty Divisional Secretary/AISMA addressed the gathering.
  12. Subject Committe names were announced.
  13. I gave the Divisional Secretary Report & Com. BVSV Raju gave treasurer’s report.
  14. Com. M.Kameswari, Chief Guest addressed the gathering.
  15. Com. VVVL.Narshimhulu, President Railway Contract Workers Union addressed the gathering.
  16. Com. N.B.Dutta, Central Working President addressed the gathering.
  17. Delegates spoke on the Secretary’s Report.
  18. Com. M.N.Prasad addressed the gathering.
  19. New elected Body WAT Division and VSKP Branch was announced by Com. N.B.Dutta.
  20. Felicitation of the senior retired comrades was done by Com. M.N.Prasad & Com. N.B.Dutta on the occasion of 25th Silver Jubilee BGM of AILRSA WAT division and VSKP Branch.
  21. Felicitation to the recent retired Comrades Com. S.K.Choube, Com. S.C.Panigrahi , Com. B. Chaktaborty and Com. M.S.Das by Com.M.N.Prasad and Com.N.B.Dutta was done.
  22. AILRSA/WAT presented the Gold Rings to the Com. S.K.Choube, Com. S.C.Panigrahi & Com. B.Chakraborty.
  23. The guests who came from other Railways were honoured with trophy.
  24. New WAT divisional body honoured the Com. M.N.Prasad and New VSKP Branch body honoured the Com N.B.Dutta by presenting a small gift.
  25. Com. M.Chinnodu gave the vote of thanks to all leaders and delegates.

The AILRSA/WAT thanks running staff who made this BGM grand success and to thanks to each and every one who put serious efforts for making this BGM grand Success.




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