I support, the Station Masters’ STRIKE

By Shri John Vincent, National Adviser, All India Station Masters’ Association (AISMA)


SAMA, the first step, means alliances
DANA Sometimes it is to pay the value.
BHEDA, means Logic.
DANDA refers to force or to take up war.
All of the above four Upayas are generally spoken together in a single colloquial phrase – “Sama Dana Bheda Dandopaya”
Yes, after exhausting all the three means, finally AISMA has waged a WAR on 31st May 2022.
Any amount of other means are useless, but for a single solution, accepting the genuine Demands of SMs.
DANDA, the last resort of AISMA, Let’s Support.
The AISMANs are Good and can be equally TOUGH and this was proved on 11.08.1997 when station masters all over India carried out a train strike. At that time all trains were detained for two minutes at every station.
I’m sure, 31.05.2022, will be a bigger blow to the Indian Railways.
I support, the SMs STRIKE.

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2 years ago

Legitimate demands shall be fullfil by govt.of India, according to rules..

Sunil yadav
Sunil yadav
2 years ago

I support you strike station master

2 years ago

I support the station masters strike. Govt is not addressing their long pending demands