Joint Forum of Trade Unions and Association (JFTU) in Public Sector General Insurance Companies plans lunch hour demonstrations on 25th May for their demands


Message from Shri Trilok Singh, General Secretary, GIEAIA to members


Dear Comrades,

As per the decision taken on 15.05.22 in the JFTU virtual meeting and after assessing the present situation it was decided unanimously to further intensify the course of action and accordingly decided the series of action programme.

We therefore appeal our all units to hold lunch hour demonstration throughout the country on 25th of May at HO/RO and other Centers in coordination with all the constituents of JFTU to meet out our following demands.

  • Immediate settlement of wage revision
  • 1995 Pension Scheme for all
  • 14% Management contribution of NPS as an interim measure
  • Uniform Family Pension of 30% without any cap and
  • Updation of Pension

We are confident that our entire leadership will put forth their best efforts to make the programme success.


Comradely yours

Trilok Singh
General Secretary,



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