Pensioners demand restoration of rail concession for senior citizens


By Shri Alavandar Venu Madhav, Vice President, Singareni Coal Pensioners Association, Hyderabad


During the Corona lockdown all trains were cancelled and only a few trains were introduced in the name of special trains without any concessions. Before Covid pandemic female senior citizen could avail 50 per cent discount on rail travel with age limit of 58 years and senior male citizen with 60 years age limit of 40 per cent discount. In some states, senior citizens are now being offered discounts on bus travel.

Last week, the Union Railway Ministry announced that there would be no further concessions for senior citizens on rail travel. Discounts on railway travel for students continue.

Why is the central government not showing mercy to the elders In old age? the elderly have to travel through the railways to meet their close relatives and friends, and in the final stages of the life, the lack of concessions makes it difficult.



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Haresh bhai
Haresh bhai
2 years ago

The concession for senior citizens should be restored.its an honour to them mindwell every one will grow old a you are not showing any mercy towards senior citizens by doing this, contrary you wil have blessings from them.they are not looting public money.The society has an opportunity to show the gratitude …