CRTU Mumbai division submitted a letter of demands to officers and observed a protest week from 23 to 29 May for fulfilling their long-pending demands


Report received from Shri RN Paswan, General Secretary, Central Railway Trackmaintainer Union (CRTU)


Central Railway Trackmaintainer Union

Hon’ble Divisional Railway Manager,
Central Railway Mumbai CSMT.


Subject: Notice about agitational programme

We wish to inform you with great regret that despite writing letters and holding meetings with you and all concerned officers to make you aware of the trackmaintainers’ problems, the administration seems to have taken no concrete measures towards a solution although 1 year has passed. Thus, as no option is left, the Central Railway Trackmaintainer Union has been forced to take the path of agitation for fulfilling our following just demands:

  • Due to negligible promotion opportunities, most employees retire in the same post. To offer better promotion opportunities, trackmaintainers should be included in the LDCE selection process of other departments so that they do not have to retire in the position of trackmaintainers.
  • Trackmaintainers selected for transfer to Parel Workshop and Bhusaval POH should be relieved immediately, and according to the order of the Railway Board, trackmaintainers should be transferred in the 10% and 40% quotas in all departments every year.
  • Like other divisions, trackmaintainers in the Mumbai division should be provided the opportunity of promotion to Technician posts in Engineering (Works).
  • Applicants approved for transfer to other rails/divisions should be transferred immediately.
  • The long-pending National Holiday Allowance should be paid without delay, and like other departments, the allowance should be paid to trackmaintainers every month.
  • GDCE process for the promotion of senior and junior clerks, which has been pending for years, should be started immediately.
  • Along with provisions of electricity, water and toilets for gang units, gang huts should be created.
  • The work of gatemen should be for 8 hours according to the duty roster and provision of electricity, water, toilets and CCTV should be made at all gates.
  • Allotment of safety shoes twice a year and three-aspect torch, hand gloves, caps, winter jerseys, and safety apparel and equipment once a year should be ensured.
  • Higher position vacancies in all subdivisions should be filled immediately via prompt promotion.
  • All vacant trackmaintainer positions should be filled via direct recruitment so that trackmaintainers do not have unbearable workload and their necessary leaves can be approved.
  • Railway accommodation allotted to trackmaintainers should be immediately repaired so that the accommodation becomes liveable.
  • P/Way artisan staff (welder, fitter) should be given promotions under new grades of cadre restructuring.
  • Work should be allocated according to grade pay, and the misuse of officers should be stopped.

In the first stage of the agitation, all trackmaintainers of the Mumbai division will wear black badges and black ribbons to mark our protest week from 23.05.2022 to 29.05.2022 for our demands. If no satisfactory solution is provided despite the observation of a peaceful protest week, CRTU will be forced to take further trade union action to draw attention to our demands, which is permitted by law.

Please consider this letter a notice of agitation.

Thank you.

R.N. Paswan
General Secretary



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1 year ago

nice report. good to see track maintenors putting up their representation