Pondicherry electricity workers and engineers begin a series of hunger strike against privatization


Report sent by Shri R Kannan, Secretary, Forum Against Privatization of Electricity Department, Puducherry


Pondicherry electricity workers have started a series of hunger strikes in Pondicherry from Wednesday 08.06.2022 to protest against the privatization of the power sector

Shri C. Arulmozhi, leader of the anti-privatization protest group, led a hunger strike that began on Wednesday,8th June 2022 at the Pondicherry Electricity Board headquarters.

Power Zone-1 Division workers and engineers in the first day of the struggle participated.

Commenting on this, the leader of the protest group Shri C. Arulmozhi said:

“The state cabinet has approved for Pondicherry power sector for a privatization and taken it to the next level.

Condemning this, a series of hunger strikes will continue till the 14th, June.

It is unfortunate that the Puducherry government and the Ministry of Power did not call us.

We are waging struggles to make the general public aware of the problems caused by privatization.”




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