RCF Mazdoor Union, Kapurthala, to oppose the decision to cut 50% of non-safety posts


Report received from Shri Ram Ratan Singh, General Secretary, RCF Mazdoor Union


Press note

Congratulations to the comrades who joined the RCF Mazdoor Union.

Impressed by the strong and belligerent activities of RCF Mazdoor Union, the brave and struggling comrades of furnishing shop, Iqbal Singh and Inderpal Singh, along with other comrades have today decided to join the mazdoor union to work for the welfare of workers. The comrades who joined were felicitated at the factory gate in the morning by President Abhishek Singh, General Secretary Ram Ratan Singh and other union office bearers on behalf of the union. The comrades who have joined have also promised to strengthen the mazdoor union and fight. RCF Mazdoor Union is getting stronger day by day and is continuously working in the interest of the workers. The union has also protested against the administration on the issue of declining incentives and meetings have been held regularly so that the employees do not suffer any financial loss. On this occasion, union General Secretary Ram Ratan Singh termed the decision of the government to cut 50% of non-safety posts as very fatal and expressed strong opposition. In the coming days, comrades should be ready to struggle.

Abhishek Singh, President
Ram Ratan Singh, General Secretary




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