Puducherry electricity workers on dharna against the state government going back on its promise of not to privatise electricity without consulting them

Report sent by Shri R Kannan, Secretary, Forum Against Privatisation of Electricity, Puducherry.

Note by KEC correspondent

The Electricity workers of Puducherry have once again come on the streets raising their voice against the State Government’s attempt to privatise their sector.

In February, 2022, when the Puducherry workers had gone on indefinite strike the Government had promised that no privatisation will be done of the electricity department without consulting the employees. It is now learnt that the cabinet has given approval for the privatisation of electricity.

The privatisation of electricity is not only anti-worker but also anti-people. The privatisation is likely to lead to big increase in power bill and affect people badly. While the bill for electricity in Puducherry for 260 units is Rs 770, it is Rs 2340, more than three times, in Mumbai where a private company supplies electricity.

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