Lakhs of electricity workers and engineer friends across the country, beware!


Message from Com. Mohan Sharma, General Secretary, AIFEE regarding the passage of Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 in the monsoon session

Received from Com. Krishna Bhoyar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation, and Joint General Secretary, AIFEE


All India Federation of Electricity Employees

Lakhs of electricity workers and engineer friends across the country, beware!

Strong preparations of the central government to pass the new electricity law in the monsoon session of parliament

Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022


The Ministry of Power, Government of India, New Delhi, has now circulated the draft of the proposed amendments to the Electricity Act 2003. This amendment is called the “Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022.” Going through the amendments proposed by the Ministry and the movement of the proposal, it is clear that the Ministry of Power is set to introduce the 2022 Bill in the upcoming monsoon session of the parliament. The monsoon session is scheduled to begin from 18 August 2022.

Union Power Minister Shri R.K. Singh announced through print media that the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 will be tabled and passed in the upcoming monsoon session of the parliament.

The Ministry of Power has submitted this major proposal without discussion with the representatives of the National Coordination Committee of Power Employees and Engineers (NCCOEEE). It should be noted here that in spite of several representations by NCCOEEE, the Ministry of Power deliberately refrains from discussions with the most important stakeholder. The three agricultural laws were passed by the parliament without discussion with farmer unions and associations. Similarly, the Ministry of Power is bent on passing the said Electricity Bill, ignoring the serious implications of such unilateral decisions.

The major proposals presented by the Ministry of Power are one-sided and highly objectionable because the most important stakeholders, common consumers, their organisations and electricity employees have always been overlooked and not consulted.

Start organising labor unions and unions of engineers and officers for an all-India movement.

Keeping in view the above critical situation, AIFEE appeals to all our constituents to launch a massive campaign against the bill and be ready for action at any point of time at the call of NCCOEEE. The central office of AIFEE has informed the Convener to convene an immediate meeting of all constituents of NCCOEEE regarding the Bill and finalise the plan of the all-India andolan.

Organisational issues

Important organisational decisions have been taken in the meeting of office bearers of AIFEE in Lucknow. Accordingly, the tour schedule of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Maharashtra has been planned. The issue of affiliation fee was also discussed in the Lucknow meeting. Many affiliates have not yet paid the affiliation fee. Dues should be sent to the center.

Your comrade
Mohan Sharma
General Secretary



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