Heroic Strike on Call of NFPE and its Unprecedented Impact


Statement by Secretary General of National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)



In overwhelming majority of Circles, in every wings (Postal/RMS/MMS/DAP/ SBCO/Admn .) of Postal Department, the impact of the strike on 10th August 2022 on the call of NFPE alone is excellent, unprecedented. In the history of struggle and movements of NFPE, a new historic dimension has been added today. Sincere thanks and Red Salute to our members who have made this strike a Grand Success. We congratulate all employees irrespective of unions, federations who have taken part in today’s strike.

Before the strike in every Division, every Circle our organisers, leadership being the real architect, worked hard for intensive, effective campaign amongst our employees against the policy offensives of the Central Govt. This time also, all our General Secretaries went on campaign as per our tour campaign schedule. NFPE and its affiliates had a no. of online/physical meetings in the last 3-4 months which were very much effective to consolidate our organisational strength. Series of programs of AIPEU Postmen and MTS and All India AIRMS & MMS EU Group-C/AIRMS & MMS EU MG/MTS Gr.-C were also helpful to gear up our rank & file. From the very beginning our senior leaders not only guided us but also stayed with us actively.

We express our sincere thanks to Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers for extending solidarity in the form of programs in other Central Government Departments and submitting resolution. Pensioners’ Associations and Organisations of Small Savings Agents also stood by the Strike Call very effectively. The joint statement of different Central Trade Unions like CITU, AITUC, INTUC has helped us effectively. Our concerns, view-points, strike campaign have been widely covered by different print, electronic media. It is a success of united venture.

We hope that the Department, the Government will take lessons from this successful Postal Strike and drop all disastrous policies they have contemplated in the Postal Department, some of which have been implemented so far pushing employees of this Department into resentment and anger. Otherwise, the strike of 10th August will be a new beginning for further movements of greater nature.

This strike made us very confident. It has upheld the historical glory of NFPE/AIPEUGDS. But we are not complacent. Because we have to be very much vigilant and move further in the interest of our Department as well as common man of our country.




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